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Hiring Professional Cleaners

Many people would not even think about hiring a professional cleaning company to clean their home but one time when many wish they had, is at the end of a tenancy agreement. Although most of us can maintain the cleanliness of a property to a reasonably high standard whilst we are using it, few of us have the experience or knowledge to clean a property to the very high standard expected at the end of a tenancy agreement.

When we take on a tenancy property, it will be to a standard much higher than most people are used to and so, it is only reasonable for a property manager to expect us to leave it in the same high standard, regardless of whether we were the tenant for just a couple of days, weeks, months or even years. The high standard of cleanliness achieved when a tenant takes charge of a property is usually attained by a professional cleaning company who were either hired by the previous tenant or, if the tenant did not leave the property in that high standard, the property manager would have hired the cleaners and passed the bill onto the previous tenant.

Many people who suspect they will not be able to attain the required standard, do not wait for a bill from the property manager but instead hire professional cleaners themselves, thereby ensuring they only pay the cost of the cleaning and no other administrative charges the manager may include. One great advantage of hiring a professional cleaner yourself is that you can specify which rooms they need to clean as some you may be able to clean to the required standard yourself. Often the cleaners are only hired to clean bathrooms and kitchens whilst tenants lean the other rooms themselves.

Another advantage of hiring a professional cleaner is that the household is disrupted for a far shorter time. The reason for this is that most people are busy with a lot of things when moving and so the actual cleaning takes time and all the time they are cleaning, they are causing disruption. Professional cleaning companies only hire professional cleaners but even so, still give courses or advise on how to best clean a particular room, not only to the standard required but also in the quickest most efficient way, allowing their cleaners to cause only the minimal disruption.

A professional end of tenancy cleaning does not have to include a whole property although often, if just one room does not meet the standards, a property manager may hire the cleaners to re-do the whole property, with the added cost of that still going to the old tenant. As a tenant may have to pay for professional cleaners anyway, many opt to hire the cleaners and that way ensures they only pay for the rooms to be cleaned which they choose to, not necessarily all of them, hopefully saving money, time and a lot of stressful work. Plus they have the peace of mind that the standards will be met.